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We are TEKCEM, one of the UK's leading suppliers of floor screeds and screed related products. TEKCEM only produce screeds & related products. This means that our technical knowledge and expertise is specifically focused on making our products the very best they can be, by understanding the day to day needs of our customers and applicators.

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The company formed in 2014 – but that doesn’t mean that we lack the technical capabilities and expertise to produce top quality screeding products. In fact, we believe the opposite to be true. Our management team have all come from screeding and construction backgrounds – it’s practically all we know. And our experience within the industry made us want to achieve more and do BETTER. To provide screed products and a quality of service that was, and to some degree still is, lacking in the industry.

Our focus is purely on screeds and screed related products. We have formulated a number of cement replacements, high performance bagged screeds and levellers and admixtures to improve the properties of traditional screeds and peripheral products such as acoustic underlayment’s. In order for us to ensure that our products achieve optimum performance, we have a dedicated laboratory at the Screed Development Centre in Goldthorpe, West Yorkshire.

Our expertise

Because we only produce screeds – our staff completely understand the problems faced with finding the right specification for the job.

When recruiting, we are careful to only employ new team members who are time served within the screeding/construction industry, so that each staff member has the ability to assist with any problem, technical question or product related query. We work hard to make sure that not only are our customers happy with the finish of our products, but that the screeders applying them are happy too.

Our Solutions

We work with our customers to produce solutions that work.

You could say that our solutions are our products. But we also believe that our solutions are delivered via access to our technical experts, who will happily assist you with any project you may have. They can help you specify the right products needed for the job, as well as offering assistance when it comes to the pouring/laying of any TEKCEM product. By working closely with our customers we ensure that our offering is one that they deserve.

Top quality screeds for screeders who don't want to compromise. All products are available exclusively from TEKFLOOR Limited.

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