TEKPRIME is an advanced high solids primer specially designed to stabilise, seal and prepare a wide range of overlayments including screeds, levelling compounds, smoothing compounds and adhesives.

Product Overview

TEKPRIME primer is particularly suitable for use with the TEKCEM range of cementitious bagged screeds and levellers.

TEKPRIME enhances adhesion at the interface between substrate and overlayment and provides a surface of uniform absorbency.

TEKPRIME reduces the porosity of the substrate helping to maintain workability of applied overlayment and prevent air bubbles rising to the surface and forming pinholes in an applied levelling or smoothing layer.

Product Benefits

  • Seals and stabilises.
  • Reduces surface porosity.
  • Enhances adhesion of cement and calcium sulphate based products.
  • Water based, safe and easy to apply.

Product Downloads

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