TEKCEM DURASCREED is a technologically advanced screed hardening additive.

When used in conjunction with proprietary screed mixtures, thinner screed thicknesses can be achieved by incorporating TEKCEM DURASCREED without compromising compressive strength.

Product Overview

TEKCEM DURASCREED helps to produce highly-stressed, sand/cement wearing screeds in accordance with BS 8204.

TEKCEM DURASCREED helps to produce wearing screeds with hard granular surfacing.

Product Benefits

  • The perfect screed additive for underfloor heating applications.
  • Allows the production of heavy-duty screeds with a compressive strength up to 60 N/mm2.
  • Facilitates a reduction in the screed thickness to a minimum of 35 mm on insulation or polythene sheet.
  • Offers favourable processing and smoothing properties thanks to plasticising components.
  • Rigorously tested to BS / BSEN standards.

Product Downloads

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