Provides effective crack control in ground bearing concrete slabs/ concrete screeds and reinforcement in concrete toppings.

Product Overview

TEKCEM DAY JOINT REINFORCEMENT MESH is a mesh reinforcement used to provide crack control in ground bearing concrete slabs/concrete screeds and as a reinforcement in structural toppings and screeds forming part of a preformed suspended floor system.

Supplied in 2400x550mm strips it is easy to handle/cut and can be used as a direct replacement for D49 mesh.

TEKCEM DAY JOINT REINFORCEMENT MESH is a composite made of basalt fibre-reinforced polymer rods (BFRP). BFRP has a tensile strength of between 1250 and 1350 MPa. This is almost 2½ time stronger than steel mesh whilst being some six times lighter (360g/m2opposed to 2220g/m2). This ultimately means that thinner diameters of mesh may be used in place of steel mesh for crack control of ground bearing concrete slabs.

Product Benefits

  • Lightweight; 6x lighter than steel.
  • Strong; twice as strong as steel.
  • Does not corrode.
  • 40 times less CO2 to produce compared to steel.
  • Easy to handle & cut - no H&S issues.
  • Able to transport 135m2 on a single pallet.

Product Downloads

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