A pre-blended mixture of sand, cement and admixtures producing a high-quality screed with improved properties. Improves the drying time and strength gain performance of traditional screeds.

Product Overview

TEKCEM 007 is a liquid admixture used to increase the strength and greatly improve the drying time of traditional sand and cement site batched screeds.

TEKCEM 007 can be used where the screed is to be bonded to the substrate, unbonded or floating.

TEKCEM 007 is ideal for high traffic areas, such as shopping centres, hospitals and airports were improved strength is required, particularly if thin finishes such as vinyl are to be applied.

Ideal for use with proprietary underfloor heating systems.

Product Benefits

  • Quicker drying enabling earlier application of floor coverings.
  • Can be lightly trafficked after 12-24 hours.
  • Provides screeds to ISCR Cat A or B depending on mix design.
  • Suitable for all normal screed applications including over underfloor heating.
  • Easy to handle container.
  • Simple addition on site.

Product Downloads

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