FROST-EX MO3 is a technologically advanced screed hardening additive that can be used at sub-zero temperatures.

Product Overview

FROST-EX MO3 can be used with a bonded, unbonded or floating floor construction.

FROST-EX MO3 leads to an acceleration of the hydration of the cement and therefore the hardening of the concrete.

FROST-EX MO3 should be added either simultaneously with the mixing water or as the final component in the mix.

Product Benefits

  • Used to produce an unreinforced mortar for winter application under ambient temperatures between +5 to -10°C.
  • For producing bonded screeds and floating screeds in accordance with BS 8204-1.
  • For producing screeds on underfloor heating.
  • For damp or external areas.
  • Rigorously tested to BS / BSEN Standards

Product Downloads

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