TEKCEM PERIMETER STRIP provides a simple method of isolation and control of movement between a screed and the perimeter structure.

Product Overview

TEKCEM PERIMETER STRIP is designed to provide a compressible strip at the perimeter of a floating or unbonded screed.

TEKCEM PERIMETER STRIP provides for thermal and other movements in a screed and is ideal for use with all underfloor heated screeds.

The affixed polythene “skirt” provides an easy way to seal the perimeter by lapping and taping to the polythene or other membrane under the screed.

Perforations in the TEKCEM PERIMETER STRIP allow easy tearing off of the strip to the correct height following screed installation.

Product Benefits

  • Available in a range of widths.
  • Optional self adhesive strips.
  • 'Easy to tear' perforations.

Product Downloads

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