TEKCEM SF provides a primer/bonder between a variety of substrates and levelling screeds or underlayments.

Product Overview

TEKCEM SF is a two pack, solvent-free epoxy resin based primer/bonder for internal use with levelling screeds and self-levelling or self-smoothing underlayments.

TEKCEM SF is easy to apply and its colour allows monitoring and surety of cover.

TEKCEM SF is moisture tolerant and provides excellent adhesion to concrete, cementitious screeds and many other substrates including power floated concrete.

TEKCEM SF allows early application of floor finishes to substrates with a measured surface moisture content of up to 90%RH.

Product Benefits

  • Provides an excellent bond between substrate and levelling screeds.
  • Solvent free, very low odour.
  • Coloured to assist with coverage and progress.
  • Low viscosity, easily applied.
  • Tolerant of a wide range of surfaces and moisture.
  • Allows early installation of floor finishes, reducing project times.
  • Allows the use of thinner screeds without reinforcement.

Product Downloads

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