TEKCEM STAIN GUARD provides a clear, stain resistant coat without changing the appearance of screed and concrete surfaces.

Product Overview

TEKCEM STAIN GUARD is an aqueous low viscosity polymer which, when applied to a porous surface forms a clear, near invisible barrier providing protection against staining from liquids.

TEKCEM STAIN GUARD does not alter the appearance of the surface to which it is applied.

TEKCEM STAIN GUARD does not alter the vapour permeability of the surface/material to which it is applied.

TEKCEM STAIN GUARD is suitable for application to many horizontal and vertical surfaces and is ideal for use with screeds such as TEKCEM 025 Industrial which have an inherent abrasion resistance.

Product Benefits

  • Excellent resistance to water.
  • Repels oil and dirt and resists staining.
  • Release properties enable easier removal of chewing gum etc.
  • No effect on vapour permeability.
  • Does not change surface appearance.
  • Fast drying single pack - very easy to apply.
  • Suitable for most surfaces concrete, marble, granite, paving stones and slate.
  • Ideal for use with wearing screeds such as TEKCEM 025 INDUSTRIAL.
  • Resistant to ageing and weathering with long term effectiveness.

Product Downloads

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