A vertical expansion and contraction product that makes it easy to fit joints across doors that serve as both a thermal break and a screed barrier.

Product Overview

TEKCEM UFH DOOR JOINTS are designed for forming joints for between doorways to allow for a thermal break, while also providing required expansion contraction capabilities for a heated screed.

TEKCEM UFH DOOR JOINTS have a peel off self-adhesive at the base, enabling simple fixing.

TEKCEM UFH DOOR JOINTS are supplied in 900mm strips so that one strip will usually be sufficient for a single doorway.

Product Benefits

  • Available in 3 sizes to suit different screed thicknesses
  • 900mm long to fit between most doorways
  • Easy to cut
  • Strong adhesive grab to clean and dry surfaces
  • Provides thermal break between two heated zones in accordance with BS1264 – Underfloor Heating
  • 10mm wide so coverable by standard threshold strip
  • Allows for thermal expansion of screed when heated – reducing potential cracking at doorways

Product Downloads

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